Monday, October 5, 2009

We had a free weekend!!

Wow, the weekend went fast. I was so happy to see this weekend arrive. It was the first one in quite a while where we had NO tournaments, birthday parties, other parties, practices, etc. It was all ours to do with as we wished. In usual Mandy fashion, I had a whole list of things I wanted to accomplish. I checked off about half of the items. The other half will have to wait for another time.

I had a really fun time with the kids on Saturday at the movies. This gave Barrett some peace and quiet in which to watch his football game. Madeline's school offers a package of 10 movie tickets for $7 for kids. The adults are admitted free when they accompany a child. The movies are second runs and the theater is an older one, but the kids don't care. I also like these kinds of kid fests because I feel less self conscious when Brady has an outburst or twenty during the movie. He was really into it and would yell things like "Oh no!" or "Why did they do that?" We saw Up and all really enjoyed it. This is by far and away the best cartoon movie I've seen yet and the kids wholeheartedly agreed.

We also did another one of our family's most favorite frugal weekend activities. We pack some treats and park near the airport runways to watch planes landing. I open the sunroof and the kids stand on the front seats, stick their heads out, and watch to their heart's content. This gives Barrett and I snuggle time in the backseat. :) If you live in the Portland area and haven't done this with your kids, I highly recommend it. Park either on Marine drive right by the runway or over near Cascade Station (Ikea). We feel like we see more planes on the Cascade Station side of the airport. Bring something to keep them occupied between planes since it can be a few minutes between.

Since Halloween is coming up soon, I've begun to think about costumes. Brady's is easy as he will be wearing the Batman costume that he refused to wear last year. He was too afraid of his costume to put it on. This year he cannot wait to wear it. Madeline has a few ideas for hers. She wanted to be a Christmas present or a cell phone. Both of which would be pretty easy to do. I'm thinking...get a box, cut arm and head holes and decorate appropriately. I'm sure we'll have fun putting it together. I'll post pictures of the in progress and final costume once we get to that stage.

If you need some great ideas for easy and cheap costumes, you MUST check out ! I love this website and magazine. There are so many great ideas here.

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