Monday, March 22, 2010

Weekly Menu Plan - Week of 3/21/10

I've been a longtime blog lurker. I lurked long before I ventured into composing any posts of my own. When I first saw women posting their weekly menus, I didn't get it. Do I really care what they're eating? My conclusion is - yes, I do care. Not because I want to make sure that they are following the food pyramid or getting their five a day, but because their meal plans help me to break out of my rut.

We all have those meals that are regulars on our menus. For us it would be: fried rice, Italian Wedding Soup, Steaks, and baked fish with a green salad. Sometimes I love those foods and other times I'm not sure if I can stand to eat them ever again. My husband feels the same way. His phrase is "What should we eat when we're sick of everything?". Other families menus help me answer that question.

Without further ado, here is our menu for this week:

Sunday: Cabbage Roll Casserole, applesauce (out of a jar - unsweetened of course), and bread with butter

Monday: Steaks (we make them under the broiler), Green Salad, Sauteed mushrooms and onions (just some sliced mushrooms and onions cooked in a bit of olive oil), Barrett's yummy horseradish spread (mayo mixed with horseradish to taste)

Tuesday: Ham Steaks, Au Gratin Potatoes (ala Betty Crocker - out of a box), Glazed Carrots (recipe to come later)

Wednesday: Pizza Night (sometimes I follow this recipe and sometimes we stop at Papa Murphy's and get a crust for $3.00); kiddos eat only cheese and parents eat turkey pepperoni, mushrooms, peppers

Thursday: Fettuccine Alfredo with shrimp and broccoli (using jarred Classico sauce and whole wheat noodles)

Friday: Leftover buffet or on your own (kiddos usually end up with either chicken nuggets or oatmeal while the parents eat the leftovers)

Saturday: Go out for dinner or over to mother in law's for game night

If you still need further menu inspiration, head on over to Menu Plan Monday at

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