Wednesday, February 17, 2010

My Newest Obsessions

Here's what I'm loving lately...

Olympics! My whole family has Olympic fever. For some members, we had to start with the basics - "Mom, what's a competition?". For others, they are getting a geography lesson in disguise. Last Friday night felt like a holiday. The anticipation of the opening ceremonies was akin to that of waiting to open our gifts on Christmas.
We got into our jammies, camped out on the living room floor with our blankets and pillows and armed ourselves with heaping bowls of popcorn. It turns out that we are not quite the party animals we thought ourselves to be. After all of that anticipation, we only made it to the "G"s in the parade of nations.

Tyler's journey at Please take a moment to visit his website if you aren't already familiar with it. He is such an inspiration!

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  1. I agree, Rachel stayed up until 10:30, she was so proud she made it that long! I will go into depression once the Olympics are over with:(


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